Cool2invest offers Leasing Management services to all unit owners to grab the opportunity to earn from your units if you are not using it. Condominiums you buy give high return of capital income thus, after you avail a certain unit from any projects, we offer after-sales service.

Most of our clients, especially those who are in abroad avails projects from prime locations and after it is being turnover, it can be rented for short or long term use to gain income. Ideally, for some who avails an Early Occupancy Program, you are getting your monthly income while paying your monthly payment for the unit. For some who are not yet using the unit after being paid, units are being rented as well for investment.

If you have units especially those that are near the schools and universities, within the business district center or near amusement and conventional area, then it is a great idea for you to lease your unit. Parents will look for units near the schools and universities for their children’s convenience. They would want an accessible place for their children to balance their studies and other activities at school. For young professionals, for them to save from the hassle of the traffic, to balance work and play, they will look after a unit that is near their workplace. For those who just visited our country, especially those foreigners and any family member who is working abroad, they will look to a certain place to wander with the different locations and enjoy leisure as well. They will look after a unit that is near to the places that they can enjoy most even just for a temporary stay. These are just a few factors that you can think of if you have units from these kinds of locations. Come to think of the income that your units will provide which you can use for savings, for another investment or for personal expenses.

Everybody is looking for convenience and accessibility that is why having a unit to lease is smart move for investment. Property units are something you can never go wrong to invest if you have one. Contact us and inquire to cool2invest – we will definitely help you earn from something you have capitalized.


Please provide correct information for proper assistance. We will contact you as soon as we can.


3 thoughts on “LEASING MANAGEMENT”

  1. Ano po yong mga patakaran pag ipaennroll ko yong unit namin, Cool suites Tower A second floor . Maraming Salamat.

    1. Hello Mr. Ortiz, ask ko lang po kamusta pagkuha nyo ng unit sa cool suites? Just asking for a feedback bec. We are also planning to get a unit & rent it out. Thanks

  2. Could I please get steps/process to rent my unit out?
    Property details: 2 combined unit 53sqm Jazz Residences Tower D
    7th floor facing amenities.

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