Privacy Policy

As we respect each and every one concern to their individual’s rights and privacy, Cool2invest Team is connected and active direct sellers of SM Development Corporation.  Note that we will only sell all condominium projects of SMDC but we lease any other projects as our client requested.

Sales Process


  • Sincere condo buyers will be entertained only.
  • Complete the details in the inquiry form to handle your inquiry properly.
  • Do not inquire if you already have another SMDC agent to assist you.
  • You can inquire if the SMDC agent did not respond/assist you within a month.
  • We will not assist incomplete details.
  • Inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Send us a confirmation/feedback once you received our response to your inquiry.
  • We will make a follow-up on your inquiry if we do not receive any feedback.
  • You are agree that we can send you any updates and promotional emails upon inquiring.


  • Tripping is Free of Charge.
  • Schedule a Tripping 2 days before the tripping date for Pre-selling Condo.
  • Schedule a Tripping 3 days before the tripping date for Ready for Occupancy Condo.
  • Please avoid cancellation of tripping once it was scheduled.
  • Tripping meet up is only allowed in Showroom or Project Sites.
  • Bring Checks for reservation fee if you want to hold the unit/s after the tripping.


  • Holding units mean we will block the units for sale in a certain time.
  • We can only hold the units for 2 days, intended in purchasing the unit.
  • The unit will be hold under your name for 1 month once we already received all the requirements needed in purchasing a condo unit. Requirements as follows:
    • Reservation Fee (non-refundable)
    • Signed Reservation Agreement
    • Signed Buyers Information Sheet
    • Signed Terms of Payment.
    • BIR 1904


  • All requests are subject for approval.
  • SMDC will charge 10,000 pesos processing fee per unit if you need any changes in the documents/information you have provide.
  • All requests must be emailed to, CC your agent to follow up your request at SMDC.
  • Be patient in waiting the result because the process request takes time to get a result. Sometimes it takes 3 days process, a month or more, depending on your request.


  • Spot Cash Buyers will receive a letter/email regarding the schedule of unit turnover.
  • Deferred Payments/ Non-Bank Financing will receive a letter/email regarding the schedule of unit turnover after the payment.
  • Bank Financing Terms Buyer will receive a letter/email regarding schedule of unit turnover after SMDC received a payment from the bank.


Client Concern

  • Clients with existing SMDC agents must direct to their respective SMDC Agents.
  • Clients without existing SMDC agents must direct to SMDC Customer Service. You may call to 858-0300.
  • Clients without existing SMDC agent and purchased a unit from Cool2invest Agents can be assisted by our agents.

Clients that already purchased a unit/s at SMDC but want to purchase again.

  • Clients without existing SMDC Agents can inquire to us if you would like to purchase another unit/s.
  • Clients with existing SMDC Agents can inquire to us if you have no communication to your SMDC Agent within 3 months.
  • Clients with existing SMDC Agents but you don’t like his/her service can inquire to us if you can provide us an email letter cc: to that you acknowledge us to be your personal agent and the reason why you want to change your agent.

If you have any other concerns, you may email our cool2invest customer service at Thank you.

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